The Masters In Your Living Room


The 2016 Masters Tournament is just around the corner. (April 7th-April 10th, 2016, with April 10th being the big final round.)

If you can’t get out to Augusta, boy do we have some fun ideas for you!

Even if you find golf to be a pretty boring sport to watch on TV (we don’t!), The Masters is one of the few tournaments that even non-golf fans like to be a part of and know about. This year we have some tips on how to plan the ultimate Masters Tournament Party which will allow everyone to enjoy themselves.



It’s always fun coming up with a theme for any kind of party. In October you can find my home filled with leaves and fall scented candles. For a golf party, there are a ton of options to make your apartment feel a bit more festive. Hop over to a hardware store or a Modell’s and pick up some golf turf. Tip: you can also go to a local driving range to see if they have any extra blocks of turf so you can keep your budget low. This alone adds a little detail that goes a long way.


Beverages are always a fun project to work on for a party and with a golf theme it’s a little more interesting and unique. The first idea that comes to mind is Arnold Palmer (of course) so we’ve come up with the perfect jello shot recipe:


Arnold Palmers

  • 1 box lemon jello, 3 ounces
  • ½ cup sweet tea vodka
  • ½ cup limoncello or triple sec

Dissolve jello in one cup of boiling water. Remove from heat. Add the vodka and liqueur. Pour jello mixture in to your small cups.

Refrigerate until set (approx. 3-4 hours). Garnish with a lemon wheel or wedge on a golf tee.


HUGE KUDOS TO Chickabug for the below golf themed ideas. Coming up with names for food at parties is always a fun project. Below is some inspiration. In the end, it’s all about presentation and creativity!:


As long as you are open minded, you can serve almost anything with a golf twist.


There’s nothing better than Caramel Apple Cinnamon Buns. Not everything has to be golf themed, and these are too delicious not to share with your guests.


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