Golf – It’s A Family Affair!

ORLANDO, FLA. – Golf. It’s a beautiful sport and an even more beautiful sport because of how family friendly the game really is.

Golfer Insights is onsite at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this week and we came across a number of young kids who attended the tournament with their parents. Our most memorable interview was with Stacey (10 years old) and Joe (12 years old) who answered a few of our questions with their parents standing next to them.

They told us that they travelled from Connecticut specifically to attend the Arnold Palmer Invitational. When we asked Stacey why she likes golf, she answered by saying “I golf so I can spend time with my family.” Joe answered by saying:

“I golf because it’s a mental game and not just a physical game”.


Dash Day and now Lucy Day attends most of his dad’s tournaments and as we watch him grow, foot by foot and Lucy, inch by inch, they will slowly begin to understand the importance of each tournament and each win their dad has. Ellie, Dash and Lucy were waiting on 18 to congratulate Jason Day on his win at the API. A big congrats to him and his family!


Below, Robert Streb is seen with his wife, Maggie on the tenth tee of Bay Hill during the second round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational with their daughter Catherine. Before that,  at just nine weeks old, Catherine (their daughter) accompanied her mother at the Masters, where they supported Robert at the first major tournament of his career.


Photo taken by Golfer Insights

Golf is one of the few sports where you see player’s kids – or even player’s agents or managers kids on the course and on the practice range or putting greens.

After Graeme McDowell completed round 1 of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, in between autographs and working on his short game, he competed against his manager’s son on the putting green and they bet on ice cream at the end of the day. We hope the winner got extra sprinkles!


Photo taken by Golfer Insights

Families of golfers get to travel around and world and their children get to experience different countries, try different kinds of food, and most importantly, they get to see the world’s most beautiful golf courses.

In 2013 Bubba Watson lifts his son Caleb during the par three competition before the Masters golf tournament, in Augusta, Ga.


Photo taken by David Goldman

Two years later, and many flights and rented houses, Bubba and son Caleb are seen at ”

“Our favorite spot in Maui, The Gazebo Restaurant #WhaleWatching


Golf. It’s a sport. It’s a competitive sport, but it also encourages families to be together. So, whether you’re planning a trip to a PGA Tournament, or planning a golf trip…don’t be afraid to include your children!



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