About Eliese Lissner


Eliese Lissner - Writer of Golfer Insights

Hello, I’m Eliese Lissner! I’m a marketing enthusiast, avid Archie-comic fan, and most importantly, golf lover. I work as Director of Missions and Associate Director of Leadership at the Anti-Defamation League, the world’s leading anti-hate organization, and currently serve on the board for young leadership at The Blue Card. My golf handicap is a proud 10.

I’ve been playing golf ever since I can remember. I dreaded going to the course when I was younger but my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, uncle and cousins all played. Need I say more? I had to play! And now I’m quite thankful for it—but don’t tell my family that!

I started this blog in 2012, have since earned my MS in Integrated Marketing at New York University and MS in Nonprofit Leadership from Fordham University, but never left the sport. I love working as a non-profit event and marketing consultant in the New York City region, especially when it blends my two passions of golf and marketing, like my work for the 100 Hole Golf Marathon. You can visit elieselissner.marketing to learn more about me, my nonprofit and corporate event planning, and the Lissner family history.

So my journey as a golfer continues… thanks for joining!