Testing Jordan Spieth

Jason Day for the win!

Until 2015, JDay was just an up-and-comer with a cool accent and a bright future. But after several breakout performances, the past year became the “JDay season of winning, winning, winning.”

After a victory at the BMW Championship, Jason Day is on a roll. On the other side of that momentum is the transcendent golfer of the year, Jordan Spieth.

Currently in a reversal of fortune with his rival, Spieth said “I still am lacking a bit of confidence in my game to really get through a lot of shots, which means I’m lacking a bit of consistency.”

His doubts, as any golfer would confirm, are normal. I’d bet a set of TaylorMade RocketBladez that Day has lacked confidence before: ditto with Tiger, Rory and even Arnold Palmer. All of the greats have gone through some spurts of struggles during their professional careers, but the great ones are always just a few good holes away from their normal selves.

Take Rory. Only a few months removed from a ruptured left ankle, the former world number-1 is looking stronger with each appearance. He’s consistently shot under par since his return at the PGA Championship, including an impressive 14-under at the BMW.

After his 3rd round last weekend, McIlroy discussed what it’s like to have the “it” factor on the course.

“I guess it just feels like you give yourself a chance for birdie on every hole…if everything is on, like say in the middle of the summer last year, then that’s sort of what happens, when everything hits on song, and that’s definitely what Jordan was doing in the middle of this year and what Jason is doing at the minute.”

Day is surging to the finish of the FedEx Cup and for the moment, Spieth is working his way out of the rough. After an injury-induced lull, McIlroy explains how he is pointing his own game in the right direction.

“I guess if you have a couple of bad rounds…it might eat away at your confidence a little bit, and then it’s not a bad thing to take a week or two off and regroup and then go back at it again.”


Spieth intends to go back at it at the TOUR Championship: “I feel like I really didn’t have my game this week, maybe like a C game, so…if we can get things back on track, then I feel very confident about the outcome of Atlanta.”

It’s simple-Spieth is in a rut-it happens to us all. After all…we are all human. 🙂

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