34,344 Holes Later, Furyk Takes a Break

All eyes are on Mr. Jason Day at the BMW Championship who finished yesterday with a 61 his career best. He’s been in the spotlight for about a month now, continues to work hard and has a great attitude.

Let’s take focus off of JDay for a moment and take a look at Jim Furyk. After 477 tournaments, Furyk withdrew with an injured wrist during the first round. 477 golf tournaments! That’s 34,344 holes of golf.


Let’s make it a little easier to relate to a common person. President Barak Obama has played 4,464 holes of golf since the start of his presidency.

Being a professional golfer has its perks, but the sport is not only mental but it is also physically exhausting.

I’d say Mr. Furyk AND Fluff deserve a rest and hope Furyk has a speedy recovery!

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