Behind The Scenes at the Arnold Palmer Invitational     

ORLANDO, FLA – In a far, far away place in Orlando Florida at Bay Hill Club & Lodge, the players and the caddies park their cars and they approach the clubhouse. Before the competition can begin however, both the caddies and the players are required to register.

Golfer Insights had a rare behind the scenes look with the volunteers in the “player registration” trailer and we think you will enjoy what we learned!

One of the volunteers described for us in great detail the experience of what happens when each Tour player steps into the trailer to check in. “The players come in we register them. We then give them a packet that has coupons from the tournament sponsors, they get their complimentary tickets and their yardage book. This year the packet had a special welcome letter from Arnold Palmers daughter, Amy Saunders indicating that Mr. Palmer would not be on the course as much as he usually is; but Arnold is inviting players to please come and visit him. She also made a special commemorative pin for each player that had “Arnie’s Army” on it and she personalized each letter. So that was something really special that was in this years packet”.

We then asked if the players had to physically check themselves in and she quickly without thought replied by explaining that “the players must register themselves. If they don’t they can get disqualified. Their caddies also have to register themselves as well”.

A question that any golf fan wonders is whether the players are serious or friendly and our interviewee gave us the real story.

“It depends on where they are coming from and how they did in the last tournament”. During the registration process some of the players are talkative, some players are still upset about the last tournament they played in and some are just plain old tired.


“We had one player who had just flown 22 hours from Bangkok and he was real tired”.

We All Get Tired!

            We All Get Tired!

We continued the conversation by discussing if she ever got star struck. Her reply: “I’ve done this before but you’re always star struck when you see the marquee players”.

If she had to pick two players to join her foursome with her and her husband she’d pick Adam Scott and Vaughn Taylor.

What we like most about covering golf tournaments on-site is interacting with the fans, the volunteers and taking a step back and paying attention to the people who keep the tournaments running smoothly.

We are excited to see what’s next!
-Golfer Insights

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