The Masters Roar – An Outside the Ropes Experience 

It was our first time at The Masters. Below you can find some great Golfer Insights on the security, the patrons, the course and the food!


Security is very tight. We walked past several layers of local and private security, including more than one very curious and alert bomb-sniffing dogs.


The tournament is incredibly well run; we noted it as soon as we arrived. The grounds are vast and perfectly manicured. It looked like a (Masters) green carpet had been unfurled across the practice range and down the hill behind the clubhouse.

Part of our group went early to put some chairs down at Amen corner. You can use a business card or sharpie to mark your chair. It’s yours for the day – nobody will move it.

As we were walking around, we sat down in empty front row seats. We had a good spot, and other people were doing the same in ours when we were off seeing the rest of the course.

Being respectful is the number one rule at Augusta. It’s known to be the most revenant (and knowledgeable) crowd in golf. A couple we met spoke to us in a hushed whisper even though the nearest players were almost 500 hundred yards away. It felt like the holy temple of golf. It was unbelievable.

We appreciated the mix of very reasonably priced healthy and more classic food options. The egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches are masters classics. People also seemed to like the fried chicken and bbq sandwiches. We enjoyed a steady supply of delicious apples, carrots, and trail mix – wanted to be light on my feet and full of energy for all the walking (Augusta is hilly).


The Masters are the most efficient major sporting event we’ve attended. Lines are always moving well and we didn’t feel overwhelmed by the crowd. The bathroom stalls are cleaned by an attendant between each user. It’s wild.

Patrons, as attendees are called, are excited to be there and partake in the Masters spirit. This involves “buying” into the tradition: dressing head to toe in masters gear, and remaining unusually quiet. But that’s what we felt like we were there to do: admire the scenery, take your time to see the course (you may never see it again), and when one of the players does something great, let out a Masters roar that echoes through the trees.

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