Country Clubs and Swag Part II

A couple of weeks ago, we got some huge feedback from some of our users saying they LOVED hearing about new products and ideas for gift bags for golf outings. We have decided to make this a monthly thing and are excited to introduce three products that we love this month. Golfer Insights will stick to a food product, a golf product and another product that we think is perfect for a golf outing attendee.


Whether this product is for the winner of the longest drive competition or closest to the pin, these shoes (which women can also wear!) are fashionable, light and “airy”. They provide enough support for the ankle turn that every golfer makes and come in a huge array of bright colors.

Michel et Augustin


With their first sale in 2004 in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, Michel et Augustin continued to grow in Paris. Eleven years later, they expanded to the United States where you can find their delectable sweets in Starbucks, and other local markets – particularly in the NY area as they are based out of Brooklyn, NY. Each of the items look different and are extremely fun to look at and eat(!) but all have that similar delicious crunch and chocolate taste to it. You truly can’t go wrong with these in a gift bag. Personally, we LOVED the Petites baguette butter cookies the most!

Pair of Thieves

Pair-of-Thieves-Spring-2015-4-tennis-anyoneGolf = fashion. Golf fashion = whatever you want to wear (as long as they aren’t too much above the knees, have a collar and look respectable) you can wear. A lot of golfers show their personality when they dress on the course. What’s a better way to have some fun with your style on the course without going to overboard? Socks!  Pair of Thieves has a number of funky looking socks that are perfect for spring days where your pants aren’t long and you just want to have some fun. Add these to a swag bag and you’ll get some excited faces. Note: these socks fit on womens feet too. 🙂


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