Country Clubs and Swag


If there is one thing I know, country club golf outing events are kind of a big deal. Whether it’s a “Play for P.I.N.K.” event, a charity fundraiser, a pro-am or a member guest tournament, Country Clubs and organizations always want people to leave with a good impression.

Swag bags are KEY to the success of an event for people who “pay to play”. Swag bags have always been something to look forward to for participants, but over the years, whether I am putting a golf fundraising event together or participating in one, I haven’t been too excited about products that have been in the bags – finding myself tossing the products out or leaving them behind.

The main reason for golf tournament swag bags are to positively impact the event and hopefully retain players for next years event (not to mention, a lot of companies will donate product for outings and fundraising events). Even when you get your swag bag products donated, it’s important that participants enjoy the products. “Free” items, are always something that people enjoy and if they are excited about finding out what is in their swag bag this year, they will look forward to next years event. Attendee loyalty is key.

The key to a successful swag bag is simple: find products that are unique – ideally a newer company who wants to promote their product in a different, user friendly way. Below are a few ideas that I’ve found to be quite a hit when putting together swag bags for golf events and fundraisers. Each month, I will feature potential golf bag swag items in the hopes of helping anyone involved in golf outings or fundraising events.

G-Fore Golf Gloves

G-Fore golf gloves are a fashionable and trendy golf glove perfect for women or men. Golf gloves are a big fashion statement lately – whether based on brand or color – everyone pays attention to the kind of glove you’re wearing and finding a nice colorful surprise in a swag bag is exciting.




barkTHINS®, a delicious dark chocolate snack with simple clean ingredients, helps cocoa bean farmers earn a fair wage. Not only is this product delicious, but every golfer needs a piece of chocolate after a long day of golfing! Best part is, is that the bag is resealable – which means you can bring the rest home for your friends and family. What I like most about barkTHINS® is that there is variety in flavors and the products each have a different color which adds some excitement and surprise to the bag.



Sunnylife Beach Paddles

Sunnylife prides themselves as the go-to company of all things summer. Summer drives excites and inspires them on their quest to provide all of the tools to enhance the best of life under the sun. Sunnylife beach paddles are bright, light and easy to travel with. This product will definitely pique someones interest in a swag bag at a golf function and beyond.


Something that one should always remember is that just because an event is specific to a cause, or an activity, it does not mean that EVERY item has to be about that cause or related to the activity the event is focused on. When artists leave the Grammy’s they are given gift bags with a number of unrelated items – if they were given CDs of other artists or industry products, they would not be as interested in that as opposed to a massage at a new salon or a new product that they might not have heard about.

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