Booth 3590 – The PGA Merch Show

You step up to the tee and the thought process goes as follows:

Do I have a tee? Is my ball marked? And probably most importantly, what club should I use?

The relationship between a golfer and their club is like that of a parent and their baby (bear with me).

You wipe it off, you make sure it’s dry, and to keep it warm, you protect it with a blanket; or in our case, a club cover.

Whether practicing on the range, in your basement or at the office (yes people actually do this), a golf club must be treated properly. To just toss it on the ground or balance it precariously against a wall could be harmful to the club, and consequently to your game.

We recently stopped by the PGA show in Orlando, Florida and spent time admiring the wares of a new exhibitor called metalworks, inc. Among the concepts being shopped around the trade show, metalworks, inc. was showcasing a thing of beauty: a “cradle for a club.”

A portable, sleek, shiny golf club stand.

As form follows function, it might sound strange to think of a simple golf club stand as something that can match the aesthetics of other accessories in a home, office, or even on a driving range.


But golf accessories tend to evolve in a similar way as other tools. Who, for instance, would have thought that the Apple computer would develop into a masterful, distinctive design?

What I like about this stand is the clean, simple look and reminiscent of a ubiquitous umbrella stand, this club stand can match the aesthetic look of any driving range, office, basement, golf store or office putting green. But most importantly, for the golfer who has their priorities straight, it will keep your clubs safe.


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