Waste Management Phoenix Open – Pick #4

Dear Bubba,


It’s always fun rooting for a guy who hits long, especially on a long course. So this week, we thought you would be our favorite to win. Now, we are not too sure how we feel about our decision.

“Obviously I’m here because of my sponsors and everything,” he said. “So, I love coming here. It’s always great weather. Used to have a house here. It’s always beautiful coming here and playing here.” Obviously you’re a professional golfer, so if you’re in good shape, you want to play as often as you strategically can so you don’t over exhaust yourself. If your sponsors controlled how often you played, you’d play every tournament, would show up to every event your sponsor have and you’d be busier than Santa Clause is on Christmas. Don’t love something because you’re “forced” to be somewhere because the people who pay you want you to be there. Love it because you love it, or don’t love it, but don’t say you love it.

When it comes to picking a favorite every week, skill is an important factor in picking a favorite to win, but what’s possibly even more important is being excited and passionate about the course one is competing on.

In 1986 TPC Scottsdale opened its doors. And since, the Waste Management Phoenix Open has been a fan-favorite. We all know how important fans are – and I guess we should remind you. Fans (or should I say consumers) make the world go round.

We will be “PC” about who we picked, and we will continue to root for you, but next time you say your sponsors wanted you to play-and that’s the only reason why you’re competing, think about how disappointed fans will be who come out to see YOU play, knowing how unhappy you are.

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