Social Media Savvy Golfers

What do Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose and Ian Poulter have in common? Answer: They are big users of Twitter and other social media platforms. They have helped create a product independent of what the PGA Tour creates for each player on the tour. What product are they selling? They are selling their sponsors brands and they are selling themselves as individuals.


“Social media offers opportunities not only to communicate with our fans, but also to offer unique access to the sport,” said Scott Gutterman, the executive producer of, the league’s official web site. “Our goal on these platforms is to extend the PGA Tour experience and let the fans get involved no matter where they are digitally throughout the day,” said Gutterman. The PGA Tour experience has advanced quickly allowing exclusive access and information to PGA Tour followers and that exclusive access if just what sports fans like. It makes the fans feel special and makes them feel like they are “in the know” on a more personal level-they feel connected.


So just like the PGA is using social media to help boost their platforms, some Tour players are catching on as well. Unique access to a sport is something that people yearn to have. Sports fans like having unique access to information and photos that would not usually be made public but that has changed at a quick speed thanks to social media and Rickie, Justin and Ian are some of the few golfers that have taken advantage of providing content that people would not have unless the players themselves provide it.

A nice dinner at a steakhouse after a win, a selfie with Tiger in the elevator, a plane ride to Abu Dhabi or just a stroll on a beach are just a few of the photos that our social media savvy players post.

Puma, Titleist and Red Bull are lucky to have some of these guys on their teams!

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