The Bridge Golf Foundation

By: Eliese Lissner

A microcosm of life, the game of golf teaches honesty, ethics, and forces an individual to encounter and deal with many different situations. In order to succeed on the course, one must have determination, poise, dedication, and be able to manage his or her time – all skills which can then be honed and later applied to life in the practical world.

Co-founders Robert M. Rubin & Farrell Evans teamed up after a round of golf with the idea that golf would help children learn and  would help “close gaps in achievement, learning, and opportunity.”

The Bridge Golf Foundation Annual Charity at The Bridge Club in Bridgehampton, NY.

“At The Bridge Golf Foundation, our work is focused on using the game of golf to improve life outcomes for young men of color. We strive to provide a supportive and nurturing environment made of staff, educators, golfers, mentors, volunteers and parents dedicated to closing gaps for young men of color in achievement, learning and opportunity.” Imagine an indoor facility, where young men can go and learn about golf from golf pros, mentors and educators. A place where they can go and escape their everyday lives. A place where they can go and learn about how Jason Day overcame his difficult and confusing childhood. A place where the kids can hear firsthand, how golf helped shape the lives of volunteers at the foundation. A place where they can go and be themselves.

Golf isn’t the only thing they will learn about. “Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum helps students prepare for college majors and careers in one the fastest growing segments of the U.S. economy. At The Bridge, we believe that the game of golf can be employed to combat the cycle of poverty and mass incarceration that adversely impacts young men of color.”

Keep an eye out for The Bridge Golf Foundationh!

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