Rickie Fowler: “Accept & Move On”

By: Eliese Lissner

“I knew I still had three par-5s ahead of me,” Rickie Fowler said after his triple-bogey seven on his fifth hole.

Fowler shot two-under 69, leaving him tied for eighth heading into Friday’s second round. “I told myself to accept it and move on.”


Golf is as much physical as it is mental. You have to be able to accept, forget and move on and you only have a few seconds to breathe and restart between each hole.

Here are some quick tips on how to relax and think ahead, and not keep going back to your last bad shot which will only hurt your game:

  1. Shake it off – literally! Relax your body, shake your hands, your legs, your feet – and if you can, walk to the next hole thinking about the next hole, not about your last hole.
  2. Laugh it off! Sure that two foot putt that you just missed added an extra shot to your final score, but you can make up for it! Laugh at how silly it was to have missed that putt, and take your time putting on the next hole.
  3. Don’t get angry. Don’t throw your clubs, don’t curse. Golf is a funny sport. You. Can. Still. Recover. Just breathe.
  4. Remember the good shots, forget the bad. Compliment yourself and help build up your own confidence!

Everyone has a bad day. If Jason Day gave up after these shots:

You wouldn’t be able to cheer for him today! Never give up…and have fun!

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