Summer Golf: The Triple Threat

Summer has arrived which means heat, sun and sweat! It also means longer days since the sun is out until 8 or 9 pm which means that we can get in a lot more practice on the course.

Golfer Insights has a few suggestions to help keep you focused and ready.


Bose Headphones:

Just like Rory, some people want to get in the zone while at the driving range, short range or putting green. On a non-rainy day, we recommend these QuietComfort noise cancellation headphones.

They’ll help you focus and keep you in the zone.

Block Island Sun Care:

Everyone needs to protect themselves when outside. When you’re golfing, you’re moving around but not fast enough not to get sunburned and sun damage.

Our go to suntan lotion is Block Island Sun Care. A natural product that is non-greasy, lightweight and has no artificial fragrances, Block Island is a no brainer for anyone out on the course or hanging out by the pool. Not to mention Block Island made The Environmental Working Group’s 2016 Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen list for the third year in a row.

Bumble Surf Spray:

For all you ladies out there! Rain and sweat are our worst nightmares. Throw this product in your golf bag to help freshen up on a rainy day or mid round if it’s a super hot and sweaty day.

We will be posting new golf friendly products throughout the summer to help keep you refreshed and ready.

Till next time!

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