A Family of Golfers: Apparel Tips

Question: What happens when an entire family golfs?

Answer: A stressful day, or multiple days of shopping!

I’m here to help you out a bit. Although this isn’t a one stop shopping experience, the below clothing lines are fashionable, affordable and trendy-most of which you can easily buy online, and return if it doesn’t fit!

Kids: If you want your kids looking sharp, trendy and professional Garb Apparel is the closest thing to genuine.


In 1996, Garb was founded as THE original junior golf apparel brand. Garbs business model? “Kids want a brand to call their own–a brand dedicated to the youth of the game that offers great styling and unrivaled quality.” Garb is the primary children’s golf apparel supplier to the U.S. Open golf tournament, PGA Championship and Ryder Cup since 2001…so whether your kids are playing in a junior tournament, with friends, at camp or with the family, Garb is the go to apparel for kids, big or small!

Women: Being a woman golfer myself, I have always had a hard time finding affordable, trendy and most importantly, comfortable clothes. As a woman, we are expected to have nice looking clothes that aren’t too short or too baggy, so it can get pretty stressful! I’ve found a great solution and hope this helps some of the women out there who are looking for next seasons golf ensemble.

_D7A3059Galvin Green. Their business model? “Dressing for golf from the inside out with every layer compatible with the next to help maintain performance regardless of climatic conditions.” I’ve got to tell you, when it’s hot, you want clothes that absorb ones sweat, not one that leaves sweat marks. When it’s cold, you want to be warm, but more importantly you want to be able to swing a normal swing. Galvin Green takes pride in being fashionable for every climate-with 9 different kinds of layers/protection for all different golf climates. So, if you golf on days when it’s not 75 degrees and sunny, I would highly suggest you taking a look at their site.

Men: Lets be honest. The demand for mens golf clothes is high, therefore the options and brand selection are endless! BUT lets take a look at Chase 54. Their motto? “Golf apparel designed to push the limits of what’s considered possible. In fit. In feel. In fashion and performance.”


A recent online review: “Light, Breathable with a great fit. A BALL POCKET! Underneath your right front pocket. Really great surprise. Excellent Price. Double hemmed at the bottom for easy alteration, both lengthening and shortening.” A comfortable, golf focused wardrobe is exactly what a golfer needs-so I’d say give this company a shot!

Golfing with the family is a time to bond, challenge each other and to simply have a great time. A golf wardrobe tells a lot about a golfer, so use these insights and always remember that the more comfortable you are in your clothes, the more comfortable your swing…which means the further and more accurate the shots!

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