Golf: Age Is Just A Number – The Honda Classic

In most sports, victory typically goes to the athlete that is younger, stronger and faster. At age 40 if you have not already retired, you will be retiring soon.

There is one sport that is most clearly an exception;

Golf requires mental and physical endurance, but golf also requires years of experience honing the proper technique and skill to make it to the highest echelons of the game. I am not saying that young guns on the PGA and LPGA tours don’t win their share of tournaments, but unlike most other professional sports it is not necessarily the younger competitor who will prevail.

Case in point, with bad weather, delays each day, darkness and scores that some might want to forget, the Honda Classic ended with a second hole playoff between a 43 year old and a 21 year old.

Our competitors:


Padraig Harrington (On the PGA Tour for 20 years) – WINNER.

Age: 43

Wins: 29


Daniel Berger (On the PGA Tour for 2 years) – RUNNER UP and having what might be a breakout year.

Age: 21

Wins: 0

Next up: The World Golf Championships

There is no doubt that even though the sidewalks are covered with snow, Masters fever has definitely begun.

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