It’s That Time Of Year Again

After two months of busy work…I’m back! I recently received my masters degree from NYU in Integrated Marketing and went on a nicer I vacation to celebrate. Unfortunately golf was not a part of my vacation, but I was able to stop by a beautiful golf course in Portugal and donated some of my well earned money towards a hat with their logo on it. (Gotta support golf courses in other countries!)

As many of you golf readers and bloggers know, it’s fall here on the east coast. The leaves are changing and it’s getting cooler…which means that golf is soon coming to an end for the season.

Next steps? Get your clubs re-gripped, watch a lot of the golf channel and until it snows, plan on golfing as often as you can! That’s my plan. 🙂

You’ll hear back from me this weekend. Until then-easy swinging. 😉

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