Travis Kent of TaylorMade – Clark Kent powers?

As you all know, a couple weeks back my family and I took a little trip to Orlando to meet with Travis Kent to get fitted for a new set of clubs.

What we didn’t know was how amazing the technology is over in the TaylorMade vault.

At 6am my alarm clock went off after getting in the night before from a late flight causing me to only get a few hours of sleep! But that wasn’t going to stop me.

The fitting began and I had straps velcroed onto my arms, knees, head, waist- basically any joint that is a factor in the golf swing. Kent then told me to take a couple swings with my old clubs to see my swing.

On a huge tv screen in front of me was a virtual person-same body structure, same height and eventually I was paired up to a pro golfer with a similar swing and could compare my virtual swing to his and her virtual swing. It was quite fascinating.

After two hours of virtual swings and real swings on the range just seconds away from the vault, Kent matched up with a new set of clubs-including a new putter which I am very happy about.

Unfortunately the weather here in New York has not been ideal, but I will soon be testing out my new clubs and will let you know how I feel about them!

I highly recommend stopping by the vault and learning more about getting fitted by Kent.

Stay warm and swing easy…


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