Hospitals and Golf Have A Lot in Common

ImageIf a popstar has time to golf, so can doctors…right?

I am currently sitting in The Hospital For Special surgery with my dad on the east side of Manhattan. To the left of me is the east river. To the right of me is a complimentary coffee cart for those of us waiting for family members and friends who are currently “asleep”, having surgery.

“What does any of this have to do with golf?” you might ask.

As my dad and I were spending time with my mom before she went into the operating room, she was moved into a “pre-surgery” room with 4 other patients. Two of the patients mentioned golf, one said he was twirling his club around and hurt his finger! (Not sure if that’s why he was having surgery). The anesthesiologist came in to talk with my mom, and overheard the golf talk, and stated that he didn’t have a chance to golf this year and that his handicap was nothing he could talk about in public.

This might not seem relevant, but if you saw the quick mood change that my mom, my dad and even I had after hearing the mere words: “golf” you would be amazed. My father especially seemed much more relaxed after being able to relate to some of the patients and the nice anesthesiologist who would be with my mom during her knee replacement.

Could I be golfing today? I could be…it’s pretty nice out, about 60 degrees. But instead I will be sitting in a waiting room with my dad hoping things go well, and every time we start to cry or worry we can laugh at the fact that golf is everywhere.

I can’t wait for my mom to get back to the links in a few months and I will for sure be reading up on changing a golf swing for someone who has had a knee replacement. Does anyone know a good pro that I might connect with so I can get some ideas for my mom?

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