Virginia Judge Bans 10 Year Old “Prodigy” From Golf In Custody Battle

What? Did you read this right?

Unfortunately, you did.

Golfer Insights, focuses largely on the PGA Tour but when we hear a story like this, we would feel guilty not letting our readers know about it.

Judge Jeanette Irby of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County, Va. entered her ruling in the case of Michael Vechery vs. Florence Cottet-Moine, a custody dispute over their 10 year old daughter.

“She’s won I think 23 out of 33 tournaments in the last two years,” Michael Vechery told ABC News.


The judge’s most recent custody order demands that the child “shall not be permitted to play competitive golf for one year”, she is not allowed to take golf lessons and she is only allowed to play one round of golf – not exceeding 5 hours, each week with her father.

There seems to be a few missing pieces of information of this story – we hope – but regardless, a child should not be directly impacted like this during a custody battle. Kids at such a young age (10 years old!) are being shaped by each and every little thing that happens to them and around them and we hope that this young woman will make it through this dark time and continue to play golf – which is all she wants to do.

Stay tuned for further updates…


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