Green Eggs & Sand

The 2016 season is quickly picking up with another win for Spieth. The guys trailing behind them all have their routines to help boost their energy in the hopes of a successful season. Whether your curious to know the eating habits of pro golfers, or are looking for some inspiration, this is what the guys like to eat on the course.

Bubba Watson

Mr. Bubba Watson, one of the longest hitters on the tour, has the most variety and additional weight in his golf bag during a tournament. Infamously known for his burrito tradition (“So last year, 2014, my wife was there this time. I was like ‘I’m going back to the burritos {in Augusta}’ So I had burritos for another 10 days straight, one or two a day. I won again, so I think we’re going to do that again.”), Bubba usually selects a simple sandwich, or two, or three…or four during a round.

“I always have four sandwiches in my bag, two turkey and cheese and two peanut butter and jelly. No real reason, except that I like them.” –Bubba Watson

Jason Day

Jason Day, who recently announced that he will be on medicine for vertigo, might be changing up his diet while on the course this year, but his go-to snacks in the past? “I like Clif bars because they taste good and they’re convenient, and I drink Biosteel performance drinks for the energy.” –Jason Day

Lucas Glover

Lucas Glover, who won the U.S. Open Championship in 2009 keeps it simple on the course.

“Almonds are good because they give you some light protein. Sometimes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is good too.” –Lucas Glover


“I never eat on the course, even if I’m playing 36 holes. If I have food it messes me up for a few holes and I can’t afford that. Water is all have.” –Patrick Reed

Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk, who has one of the more unique swings on the Tour values the importance of eating the right food while on the course.”You’d be surprised how important it is to get the right food in your body during the course of a round. I always carry some sort of energy bars in the bag. I especially like these Larabars.” — Jim Furyk I wonder what Jims thoughts on “fluff” are…

Ben Crane


One of the most amusing and SLOWEST golfers on the tour focuses mainly on dehydration. “To prevent dehydration, I’ll take about nine of these Back Nine Lytes (electrolyte) pills during a round. I’d hate to think a poor finish was due to something so avoidable.”


Matt Kuchar


Matt Kuchar, is focused on the course and keeps a snack with him that he can munch on throughout the round. “With rounds taking between four and five hours, it’s important to have something to snack on. I keep a bag of almonds, unsalted, on hand. They keep the hunger away, and they’re good for you.”

Rickie Fowler

Usually on the turn, Rickie can be seen eating a crustless sandwich:







Lets see if these habits are kept up during the season by each player. Who knows–maybe eating a burrito a day will keep the bogeys away…

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