Holidays With The Pros

Last year, the pros were busy during the holiday season. Not golfing…but having a relaxing time with friends and family. John Daly was busy smoking cigarettes surrounded by beautiful women. See below:


Rory was busy making a stuffed turkey with his family. Rickie Fowler spent Christmas with family & friends. Luke Donald spent Christmas morning with his wife and kids in matching pajamas and Ian Poulter famously posted step by step photos on his Christmas Eve and Christmas day whereabouts.

Most players likely have some golf New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Win a major
  2. Hole-in-one
  3. “To stay in the moment. Too often, I dwell on mistakes I made on the last hole (or even a few holes ago), so I’m going to work hard on focusing on the current situation. This hole; this shot; this moment.” –Thanks, Ashley Mayo, Editor, Golf Digest
  4. Lowest 18 hole score

We all have golf resolutions and remember that the New Year always comes quickly and ends quickly but what matters is what you make of the time you have!


So grab your Rangefinder Callaway LR 550, your TaylorMade R11 and your Ashworth Cardiff golf shoes and hit the heated range (if you’re in a cold climate) or your local course (if you’re in a warmer climate) and practice, practice, practice…



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