Tiger in the 1990s VS. Tiger in 2015


I was born in 1988. Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Jason Kidd, and THE Tiger Woods were just a few of the athletes that stood out for me when I was growing up. In the late 90s as a child what those athletes accomplished were to me, what makes young children want to work hard and be the best at something.

Today is a very sad day for Tiger. He posted a career-worst 13-over round of 85 leaving him in last place among golfers who made the cut (+12). The guys tied for second to last place are +4 making it very tough to Tiger to even have reason to finish up tomorrow, knowing that everyone is talking about his past few tournaments and in reality, all eyes are still on him.

Tiger to me, will always be THE Tiger Woods, but it is sad knowing that 13-year-old kids today only know him as one of the older guys on tour trying to compete with the new Derek Jeters and the new Jason Kidds who just isn’t cutting it anymore.

2 thoughts on “Tiger in the 1990s VS. Tiger in 2015

  1. Sad but true. But let’s not forget Arnie took over from Hogan, jack took the reins from Arnie and it was inevitable that Tigers run would come to an end. I do believe however that Inthe not too distant future tiger will muster his skills and then manage to regain his mental strength to show the current day juniors what made us love to follow him.

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