TaylorMade R15 Launch Event with Jason Day

Taylor Made R15/RSI Launch

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an intimate launch party with the TaylorMade team, other golf industry leaders and Jason Day! The event took place in the heart of NYC and as a kickoff to the event, Dr. Cox AKA John C. McGinley (the host for the evening) received a “club fitting” from JDay. (how cool is that?)


JDay also shared some of his favorite tips and demonstrated for the guests by hitting some balls on one of the simulators. Then, it was time to mingle! I was with a colleague, and we approached JDay and introduced ourselves. (Every time I meet a tour player, I am still taken a bit by surprise by how humble and generous with their time these amazing athletes are. They are respectful, look you right in the eye and take their time to learn a little bit about the other person.)

We started talking about the economics of the golf industry and JDay’s observations were both open and insightful. We discussed that while we have climbed out of the economic woes of recent years, golf related sales have not yet returned to their pre-recession numbers. I also believe, that the golf industry is, in a sense, in an exciting transition period with Tiger, Ernie and Phil etc. getting closer to the Champions Tour while there is a hope of new rivalries and excitement for the fans with  Rory, Fowler, JDay etc. about to create waves of their own.

JDay later asked where I worked and I proudly said that I run the events at the Chelsea Piers Golf Club and YES the stalls are heated! He said he’d be dropping by sometime. I’d love to see him hit the back net with a 7-iron. 🙂

The event was a ton of fun and I even had a chance to test out one of the R15 drivers! I really enjoyed testing out the R15-which out of the two new woods is the movable weight, multi-level adjustable driver. It was more than a little intimidating for me to REALLY test out the driver considering Luke Wilson was right next to me, but the club felt great and I’m excited for Spring to appear so I can take one out on the course!

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