Gone Golfin’ in Florida

Recently, I went to florida for a few days. It was 60-70 degrees, windy, hazy and warmer compared to my NYC living. It was fair to say that as long as it wasn’t down pouring, golf would be mandatory on a daily basis. I got in two rounds of golf, never hit more purely and consistent, and truly enjoyed watching my family play golf right beside me-which hasn’t happened in a while, since it is winter!

Leaving Florida was tough-coming back to the freezing cold and then getting sick wasn’t ideal for my work schedule and other plans to see family, but what I do appreciate, are the heated driving range stalls at Chelsea Piers.

I walk by the range every day and see people taking full advantage of what the Piers have to offer, and golfing is a big perk for many. Once I am better I will be making more of an effort to take a break during the day and head out there for some chip shots and drives.

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