The Masters, A Golf Course, A Falling Tree: A Sad Day For Many

The season began for me the day the final round of the masters took place. Normally this would be my most ideal day to start golfing-head out in the morning, watch the back 9 when I return home…but that was not the case this year.

I got to the course with my parents, went to the locker room to grab an extra jacket and went to the starters box.

People were all over the place. There were cars-including a police car heading deep into the course and we had no idea why.

A bit later we found out. A member took a guest out-probably having the same idea as my family-go out, get some golf in and watch the end of the Masters.

Unfortunately things went downhill from there. The members guest had just hit his tee shot when he saw the members brother in his backyard (his house is along the golf course). He went over to say hello and just at that moment a tree literally fell on top of him-leaving him dead on impact.

This was a sad, sad day for us all at Montammy and I pray that his family gets through this horrible ordeal. You never know what the future holds so live life as if it’s the last, treat people with kindness and love as if you’ll never see the person you love again.

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