The Golf Lesson Series – Dave Stockton

Stockton with son and Mike Burke (head pro from Montammy country club)

My dad, Michael, recently took advantange of an amazing opportunity to spend three hours with Dave Stockton and his son as part of a small group lesson at Montammy Country Club in Alpine NJ. He came away with a lot of new swing thoughts and drills, during the putting session Mr. Stockton showed my dad the benefit to picking a spot no more than one inch in front the ball with the theory being that by the time he looks up it will be in or near the the hole. Stockton explained that putting longer generates power on the back stroke, and to stand slightly taller on longer putts and a little bit wider.

In addition to my father, there were seven other golf enthusiasts working on their games with Mr. Stockton and he said to everyone: “don’t listen to what I tell someone else” everyone else has a different swing and a different style.

My dad was in a bit of a rush towards the end of the small clinic and Stockton took the time to spend a few extra minutes with him because he knew he had to leave. That’s an A+ in my book!

Unfortunately my dad’s chronic back problem has flared up (no connection to the Stockton lesson) so he is a bit reluctant to spill any more golf tips, but I will press him to continue his writing.


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