The Golf Lesson Series – Patrick Fallon

ImageI met with Patrick Fallon expecting my swing to be consistent and that I would be hitting well that day. I was totally wrong! My swing just didn’t feel right. I’m sure everyone has those days. His main goal was for me to find my swing. He told me to relax and to not think about the mechanic of my swing and to just hit the ball. It took about ten minutes for me to get back on track, but I found it! It kind of made me think back to the scene in the Legend of Bagger Vance, when Matt Damon zoned out and 30 seconds later he had finished a round of golf. I was totally in the zone!

Pat also helped me with my short chip shots. I always have had trouble getting loft-even with a sand wedge, and my new technique really helped the finesse of the shot. I was told to let my club “drop” on its own and to not try to hit the ball but to get let my swing be my swing.

Very cool guy. I will for sure go back for another lesson when I’m having trouble finding my swing!


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