The Golf Lesson Series – Ms. Park

ImageI’ve played a round of golf once before with my father Larry in Bermuda, and if we don’t count the swings where I completely missed the ball or dropped the club (and we didn’t, because I’m an only child and Larry lets me cheat like that), I was somewhere near 20 over par for the entire course around the 3rd hole. So clearly I’m the next female Tiger Woods.

We got to the driving range and met Ms. Park, who started asking me what other sports I play. I’m a dancer, and she told me how golf is all about rhythm and body position, and that dance is a perfect starting place. We spent a lot of time working on my stance and grip, which I understand is important, even though all I really wanted to do was smack some golf balls into oblivion. She also explained that the power in golf comes from your core (which is the same in as in dance), and helped me position my backswing and downswing so that i was making contact with the ball every time, so that was definitely an upgrade from my previous golf experience.I was surprisingly sore after my golf lesson, something I didn’t think would happen from what seemed to me to be a less physically demanding sport than dance or skiing. I was obviously wrong in that assumption.

Ms. Park was a great instructor for a beginner, and if you don’t mind someone who is quite loquacious, I’d definitely recommend her.

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