The Golf Lesson Series – Chris Selvaggio Review

The short game is key to a successful round of golf. Think back to the 18th green last night in the US open during the final round. Jim Furyk messed up big time. I don’t want that to happen to me! I’ll give him credit–A LOT of people were watching him which I will most likely never experience, but I want to ensure that my short game is at its best for my upcoming tournaments! Maybe a round with Webb Simpson sometime? Congrats Webb!
So, I decided to work on my short game with Chris Selvaggio. Regarding ball position, the ball should be just inside the back foot with my hands in the middle of my stance. My weight should favor the left side – which promotes a more vertical backswing and downward blow into the shot.
His in-Swing Thoughts:  RELAX!  I should watch my grip pressure, and should feel like it is a 2 out of 5.
A simple tip he gave me: The distance of the shot is controlled by the length of the swing – remember to maintain the same speed throughout the swing and don’t break the Y!
  • CLARITY-8.5

I think with Chris’s teaching style a longer lesson would be more appropriate. My short game swing was drastically changed within minutes and it was pretty overwhelming for me! Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll go back for a regular hour lesson and see what happens.

One thought on “The Golf Lesson Series – Chris Selvaggio Review

  1. Hey, Eliese—

    Never hit a fairway iron as hard as you think you need to. Always use a 3/4 swing, use a longer iron, or a fairway wood. That comes straight from Craig Stadler (The “Walrus”—so nicknamed because of his mustache). Please get Jo out to take more lessons!

    Cousin Larry

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