The Golf Lesson Series – Joe Jones Review

So, the first rate your golf pro blog entry is on Joe Jones. As mentioned before, Joe is golf pro at Delaire Country Club in Delray Beach Florida. After my lesson, I left with a few tips, focusing mainly on my drive. The first tip, which I will never forget, was taking a step away from the ball after I line up for my drive-approximately 1-inch. When I was first told to do this I thought it was insane but it changed my swing entirely-I simply was standing too close to the ball which cause my swing to be faster and shorter than it should be. I hit the ball so purely that it felt like I had a totally different swing! I was also told to make sure that my left shoulder passes under my chin during my swing and to also keep the club head centered before beginning to swing. Within minutes I was hitting further and more purely.

Joe is a goofy guy and I think he’d be a great teacher for both beginners and experienced players. Serious golfers, stay focused and you’ll learn a ton!

The Golf Player Rating System will be 1-10 (1 being poor and 10 being perfect)


I would definitely go back to see Joe for a lesson but would try not to crack as many jokes with him so I could really focus and hear all the advice he’d want to give me.

These next couple of days I will be focusing on what Joe taught me.

Next up: Montammy Golf Club

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