An introduction

I’d like to introduce myself to the blogging world. My name is Eliese, I go by E to some of my annoying friends who think they are closer to me if they have a nickname for me. I am currently getting my Masters at NYU in Marketing, I work part time at Sur La Table and most importantly, my golf handicap: 10.

I’ve been playing golf ever since I can remember. I dreaded going to the course when I was younger but my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, uncle and cousins all played. Need I say more? I had to play! And now I’m quite thankful for it-but don’t tell my family that!

I had my first birdy when I was 10-but it was a REAL birdie. I had just begun learning that in order to hit a proper golf shot, one must keep their head down during the follow-through phase and that is exactly what I did. Unfortunately my father yelled out once I hit the ball and I looked up only to see a bird falling down to the ground in half. Needless to say, I retired at the mere age of ten for a few years until I picked up the sport again.

I am now 23, was captain of my high school golf team (yes it was co-ed and yes I was the only girl on the team), played in numerous tournaments and actually played 100 holes of golf in one day to help raise money for a non profit that my brother and his friends started a few years ago

So my journey as a golfer is well underway, but today I’ve decided to have a more focused goal. In the upcoming months I will be going from course to course and will be taking a quick ten minute lesson from a pro at each course and will then review what I learned from each and about their teaching style.

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